Muscle Oxygen Monitoring (MOXY)


What is a Muscle Oxygen Monitoring (MOXY)?

MOXY uses near-infrared spectroscopy technology (NIRS) to provides real time feedback of muscle oxygen delivery and utilization during exercise. This feedback helps guide your training, manage your recovery, and determine what may be limiting factors of your performance.

Why you should get Muscle Oxygen Monitoring (MOXY) at Atlantic Exercise Physiology?

  • Moxy Devices are worn during an Exercise Test or Training to provide real time feedback.

  • Moxy identifies and targets which physiological system (cardiac, respiratory, or muscular) is limiting your athletic performance.​

  • Moxy used in competition to guide performance:

    • Endurance Athletes: set optimal race pace for athlete.

    • Hockey: identify when a hockey player is ready for a shift change.

  • Your results will be integrated with the PNOĒ Metabolic Analyzer Systems. Your data is at your fingertips.

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How do I prepare for a Muscle Oxygen Monitoring (Moxy)? 

  1. Wear comfortable activewear/workout clothing.

  2. Arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment to get checked in.​​

What to expect during Muscle Oxygen Monitoring (Moxy)? 

  1. You will be asked wear 1 to 3 sensors on different muscle groups during an exercise test or training.

  2. The Moxy sensors will be worn either under compression clothing or using adhesive attachments.

  3. The Moxy sensors will be removed at the end of the exercise test or training.​​

What happens after Muscle Oxygen Monitoring?

  1. The results of the test will be integrated with the PNOĒ Metabolic Analyzer Systems and reviewed with you during a follow-up. 

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