Medical Body Composition Analysis

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What is a Medical Body Composition Analysis (mBCA) Test?

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Body Mass Index (BMI) can be used to categorize people into risk groups (underweight, normal weight, overweight, obese) that may lead to health problems. However, BMI does not accurately measure body at percentage or assess one's overall health. On the other hand, the medical body composition analysis breaks down your weight into: fat mass, fat-free mass, and total body water. Fat free mass includes your internal organs, muscle, bone, connective tissue, and water. The medical body composition analysis provides accurate analysis of what your body is made of.

Why you should get a Medical Body Composition Analysis (mBCA) Test at Atlantic Exercise Physiology?

  • We use the most comprehensive, cutting-edge medical body composition analysis on the market: SECA mBCA 554.

  • Medical Body Composition Analysis is included with every service. 

  • SECA mBCA 554 is the only bio-impedance analyzers to be clinically validated to the research gold standard reference methods for body composition parameters.

  • SECA mBCA 554 utilizes ultrasound length measurement and brilliant cloud-based software.

  • Professionally prepared templates and graphics for in-depth analysis and easy to read interpretations.

  • Please note that individuals with Pacemakers or similar implanted devices are unable to perform medical body composition analysis.

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How do I prepare for a Medical Body Composition Analysis (mBCA) Test? 

  1. For increased accuracy:

    1. Do not eat, drink (except water), or smoke at least 2 hours before your test.

    2. Properly hydrate over a 24-hour period before test.

    3. Avoid exercise 12 hours before the test.

    4. Avoid caffeine within 3 hours of the test.

  2. Wear comfortable clothing for your test.

  3. Arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment to get checked in.

  4. Your appointment will last 30 minutes, unless performed with Your Physiology Assessment or another test.​​

What to expect during a Medical Body Composition (mBCA) Test? 

  1. You will be asked to remove your shoes and sock, and any personal belongings from you pocket.

  2. You will be asked to stand barefoot on the scale with your feet aligned with the sensors on the base and your hands appropriately holding onto the handles.

  3. We will then measure your waist circumference for the visceral fat measurement.

What happens after a Medical Body Composition (mBCA) Test?​​

  1. Body composition reports will be generated and reviewed with during that appointment or during a follow-up consultation appointment. 

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