Frequency Asked Questions

Do you accept Insurance?

No, we do not accept health insurance at this time. However, we do offer payment plans for some services. Schedule a free consultation to learn more!

Do I need a Doctor Referral?

No, you do not need a doctor's referral for any service offered. However, depending on your health history, you may require medically clearance by your physician before participating in our services.

I am currently seeing a physical therapist for an injury, can I participate in your services?

You may be able to participate in some services, however it depends on your  recovery status and physical function. Schedule an initial consultation to develop a plan of action with our exercise physiologist!

When will I get my RMR and Exercise Reports?

Response time for RMR and Fitness Reports is 24-48 hours, except on weekends.

When will I receive my AI-Nutrition plan?

The response time for nutrition requests is 7 business days. Adjustments in a diet plan that have already been created can be made a required.

When will I get my PFT and mBCA Reports?

PFT and mBCA reports can be attained the same day.

Who is an Exercise Physiologist?

Exercise Physiologists are health fitness professionals that administer exercise tests to determine a person's overall health and fitness level, and then provide an exercise prescription (ExRx) that is specifically tailored to your heart function, lung capabilities, metabolism, and fitness goals.

How sanitary is the equipment used to conduct tests?

Each client receives their own anti bacterial/viral filter and disposable turbines to conduct tests. Equipment is also sanitized after each use and at the end of the day.

Why see an Exercise Physiologist?

Assess your heart, lungs, muscle, cognition, metabolism, and recovery.

Receive workouts and diet plans based on your body and goals.

Track your progress throughout the year.

Which forms do I need to complete before my first appointment?

What is the Preparticipation Screening?

Preparticipation Screening indicates if you need medical clearance before starting or continuing an exercise test or program.


Take your preparticipation screening quiz today!

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Please view our services to read how to prepare for each test.